About The Alliance

The Alliance is a statewide network of self advocates, advocacy groups and allies in Illinois.

We work together to make life better in our communities and work to make services better for people with disabilities in our state.

Our focus is to empower people to speak up and speak out about what they want/need, don’t want/don’t need, action plan their goals and participate in advocacy at the personal, community and statewide levels.

We do this through education, trainings and individualized mentoring.

We want advocates and allies from around the state to speak together with one loud voice. We can do more when we all work together!

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Photo: Alliance Board of Directors

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Meet the Team

Tara Ahern, Project Director

Krescene Beck, Organizational Director

Noel King, Financial Director

Jae Jin Pak, Project Specialist

Derrick Morris, Self Advocate Leader

Robyn Carpenter, Regional Self Advocacy Specialist

Adam Wiser, Self Advocate Leader




Member Groups




Individuals Educated

Our Goals

Here are a few of our goals, check out our progress!

40 out of 40 member group chapters
442 out of 300 service provider staff, policy makers and other stakeholders trained
714 out of 250 people trained on personal, systems and statewide advocacy
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  • You can be a self-advocate at any time and in any place.

  • I know the pieces of the self-advocacy puzzle - who, what, when, where, why and how - to be a self-advocate.

  • I know the pieces of the self-advocacy puzzle - who, what, when, where, why and how - to be a self-advocate.

  • To me, self-advocacy means helping me learn new things and helping others and giving.  

  • Self-advocacy means learning about rights and about myself like what I want.  I go to my staff when people are not treating me right.  I’m good at working and I want to get a job and career, and I like going places.

  • We want to learn skills; we want to make changes; and we want to help others.

Services & Supports


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