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July Update

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Hi Everybody!

So it’s been a couple months since we last checked in with you.  Here is an updates on what’s going on both in the State Action and Local Group levels…

State Action:

Hey everyone, its time for the monthly update for state action! As you
all know, we just had our yearly Rally to talk about employment for
people with disabilities and why it is important for them to get jobs
in the community. The event was a success with three breakout sessions
discussing employment at the local, individual and state levels. The
next thing we are going to do is set up a meeting with Director Kevin
Casey to talk about what needs to be done so people with disabilities
can the jobs they want in their community. So, if you guys have any
ideas please send a email to any of the Alliance staff so when Tara
and I set up this meeting with Kevin Casey, we can figure out what to
do next!

Thank You,

Terah green
State Action Coordinator

Local Groups:

Happy July good people of The Alliance!

I can’t believe this year is already half gone! Here’s a little bit
about what our Local Groups have been up to:

•    First off, we’ve had yet another group join us, the CTF Tigers from
Homewood, IL!  We now have nineteen groups that are part of the
Alliance!  More details on our newest
members coming soon!

•    People First of Illinois is working on some self-advocacy training.

•    People First of Illinois Valley has been keeping busy planning a
group picnic, which will also serve as their July meeting.  At their
last meeting, they also took time to hand
out a self-advocacy award to a group member, and have started
building a plan of attack to get more people registered to vote.  The
group hopes to not only get more people
from Horizon House registered, but they also plan to work with
other agencies around the Illinois Valley area.

•    Strike for a Better Change continues to work on their anti-bullying campaign.

•    People First Action Club collected cans, got sponsors, saved their
pennies, and sold raffle tickets to raise $500 for their local CIL’s

•    Friends Helping Friends donated $25 toward sponsoring a Beardstown
team participating in this year’s Cancer Associations Tri-County Relay
for Life. Way to give back guys!

•    The Network held their annual dinner dance fundraiser, and held a
couple of in group classes. They are thinking of doing a local
conference on disability awareness sometime
in the near future.

Lots of groups are still looking for fundraising ideas, so if you have
any tried-and-true ideas, be sure to let me know!

That’s it for Local Group awesomeness for this month. See you soon!
And happy advocating!

Megan Norlin
Alliance Local Group Coordinator
Phone:  (815) 228-9829 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (815) 228-9829     end_of_the_skype_highlighting

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