Training Institute

The Alliance has presentations that can be done at your agency/organization or in your community. We can present to individuals with disabilities, staff, disability professionals, family groups, students in transition, community groups and organizations:

  • Self Advocacy Overview (*WIOA Compliant)
  • Self Advocacy Matters
  • Bridging the Gap Between Dreams and Reality
  • Dare to Dream
  • Dreaming New Visions
  • Expect the Best: How To Get The Most Out of Your Support Staff
  • How to Connect with Your State Legislature
  • Woo Hoo…I’ve Got a Job Interview!  Now What?
  • Stop Bullying Now
  • The Power of Dreams
  • You’re on Board
  • Guardianship and You
  • It’s All About RESPECT
  • Universal Design: It’s More Than Large Print and Accessible Restrooms
  • Project VOTE

To learn more about the Training Institute, please contact Tara Ahern, Disability and Advocacy Director, at

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