Self Advocacy Certification

Self Advocacy Certification:


The Alliance has begun implementing a process to support the development of and immersion into a culture of self-advocacy at agencies/organizations that serve people with disabilities.

The Alliance works with agencies to provide the following:

  1.  Training on self-advocacy for people receiving services
  2.  Training on self-advocacy for agency/organization staff
  3.  Resources for implementing environmental changes as identified in the Action Plan
  4.  Provide ongoing training, resources, and consultation related to creating a culture of self-advocacy as  identified in the Action Plan
  5.  Provide CEU’s for agency/organization staff who participate in formal training provided by The Alliance

Participating agencies agree to work in cooperation with The Alliance and shall complete the following:

  1.  Start a self-advocacy group if one is not already present at the agency/organization
  2.  Join The Alliance as a member group at the Silver or Gold membership level if not already a member at either level
  3.  Identify a Self-Advocacy Inclusion Team consisting of:
  4.  Assist in the coordination of a two-day event to initiate the culture of self-advocacy certification
  5.  Complete an Environmental Checklist
  6.  Develop an Action Plan that contains a minimum of two (2) areas of opportunity as identified on the Environmental Checklist
  7.  Identification of two (2) self-advocates to participate in The Alliance’s Ambassador Leadership Program
  8.  Provide monthly updates on progress towards Action Plan goals

If you would like more information, please contact Krescene Beck, The Alliance’s Organizational Director, at [email protected] We can’t wait to hear from you!

Alliance staff working with TCRC on their self advocacy certification!

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