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Alliance Training Institute:


As part of the Training Institute, Alliance self-advocates co-lead presentations and webinars for people with disabilities, staff, parents/family/ guardians at schools, agencies, organizations, state and national conferences on a variety of topics.


Presentation information: All presentations are universally designed and free of charge. Presentations are virtual and approximately 1 hour in length; they are interactive, meet a variety of learning styles, and are co-presented by a self-advocate and Alliance staff. Presentations are eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEU’s).

Accommodations include American Sign Language (ASL), real time captioning and Spanish when requested.


Alliance Presentations


Speak Up for Self-Advocacy (designed for self-advocates, family members, guardians, professionals and allies)

Let’s learn about Self-Advocacy! Together we will solve the self-advocacy puzzle by learning about the different pieces ~ who, what, when, where, how, why ~ needed to speak up and speak out for your life!


Let’s Start a Self-Advocacy Group (designed for self-advocates, support staff and allies)

Let’s learn together about the ABC’s and 1-2-3’s of starting a self-advocacy group. From the pieces of the self-advocacy puzzle to holding the first meeting, you will learn tips and techniques to take your self-advocacy program to the next level!


Empowerment Through Individual Rights, Independence and Social Relationships (designed for professionals, support staff and allies)

This presentation provides guidance and support on how to promote independence and self-determination. It also shares resources to support individuals in developing and managing money, schedules and social relationships.
Alliance Ambassador Facilitator Training (designed for support staff, professionals, and allies)


Learn how to facilitate the Alliance Ambassador Leadership Program (AALP) wherever you are! AALP is a 6 section program for individuals with disabilities to learn about leadership, presentation skills and advocacy.


To learn more about the Training Institute, please contact us at [email protected].


Advocates from Charleston presenting with Alliance staff, Krescene


James, Tavarus & Cami presenting during lunch at the Arc of IL Convention


Michael & Iris presenting at Speak Up Speak Out in Springfield


Adam speaking with ICDD Director Kim Mercer-Schleider at Speak Up Speak Out in Springfield


John presenting “Telling My Story” at the Alliance Ambassador Graduation event


James speaking about the importance of hopes & dreams at a regional event


Adam, Tavarus & James presenting at the Self Advocates Becoming Empowered Conference in Birmingham, AL


Cami presenting to self advocates with Alliance staff, Tara


Billy presenting to staff on the importance of self advocacy


James serving as the keynote speaker at Speak Up Speak Out in Springfield, IL

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