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Alliance Monthly Updates: April 2012

Hey Everyone!  Here is our amazing monthly update for April.  Happy reading!

Local Groups

Happy April, Self-Advocates! I hope you all enjoyed our
early spring so far, and that you had a fantastic March. I know we at
the Alliance are very happy with the way our Employment Works Rally is
shaping up, and I’m always happy to see our group so busy. Here’s what
a few local groups have been up to:

•The Network is hosting a dinner\dance fundraiser this month to raise
money for going to Speak Up Speak Out and other events. This summer,
they hope to have a disability awareness event in the form of a panel

•Strike for a Better Change is still working hard on their
anti-bullying campaign. Lately, they’ve been working on posters and
other publicity to help spread the word about this great project.

•People First of Illinois is still working on the R-word campaign.

•ROSHA is going to hold a election for group officers. The group’s
current officers are getting ready to speak at the ARC conference.

•A great many of our groups are still trying to come up with some good
fundraising ideas. So, if you have any in mind, please let me
know!(And don’t forget to check you Alliance Leadership Manuals to get
you started)!!!!!

It’s a short list this month, but don’t worry. Next month, in The
Alliance’s quarterly newsletter, I’ll have a brand new project for you
all, and I’ll also be featuring a specific local group in the local
section of the newsletter, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, if
you feel like I missed something, or you have any questions, please
feel free to contact me at anytime.
See you next time!!

Megan Norlin
Alliance Local Group Coordinator

State Action

Hello fellow Self-Advocates! I am hoping that you all
had a good March. I am happy to say that I have great updates this
month. So here they are:

•Were going to have a rally on June 19th 2012 at the Double Tree Hotel
in Bloomington Illinois the rally is from 10 to 2:30, and we are going
to be talking about employment. Please see the attached registration

•The next Statewide Advisory Council is on April 26th at 10am and any
self-advocates are welcome to come to that meeting. If you are
interested in coming please call me or email me and let me know if you
are able to come. My contact info is below.

•The Alliance staff is also going to presenting at the ARC conference
and we are going to be talking about policy changes and practical
solutions for employment.

•As far as the waiver goes, we sent the proposal to the state staff to
read and give us feed back on what they think about it. As soon as we
hear back from them we will get more feedback from you.

Terah Green
Alliance State Action Coordinator

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